Henegy Family Application Wire Consumption Estimation Wiring Tips

Electrical wiring installation

Principles of wiring

Select the wire that meets the requirements of use, and ensure that the wire has enough pressure resistance and insulation, so that it is safer to use.

In the wiring process to do a good job of insulation, so as to avoid leakage contact bad situation.

Ensure the cabling is firm and keep the cabling vertical as far as possible.

Minimize 90 degree bends, which can easily make it difficult to make secondary changes after wiring is laid to facilitate future maintenance/repair and testing.

Wiring details

Strong and weak wire should be in charge of strong and weak current and voltage, different types of wire should be separated when casing, should try to avoid co-management, otherwise easy to lead to mutual interference between circuits, and finally affect the signal.

If a wire is to be installed in a wall or under the ground in a hidden way, it should be casing first and then installed. This will prevent the wire from being bitten by rats or corroded by acidic and alkaline environments.

Wiring cannot repeat in order to achieve economic benefits and facilitate the construction and management of the purpose, wire and cable wiring should avoid repeated wiring in ensuring that the capacity of wire tube is enough, the same direction of the wire can be placed in a wire tube.

The power line should use copper wire can not use aluminum wire to do the power line in the home, this is because the aluminum core wire is easy to be oxidized, the joint often appears spark phenomenon, use not how safe.

Getting ready to route

First of all, we have to understand the wire,L is to say live wire,N is to say neutral line is also called zero line general wire will choose red, green and yellow these three colors, neutral line generally choose blue color generally speaking, the right socket socket is live wire, the left is zero line.

When the installation of electric wire should know left 0 right fire middle ground principle, gules is live line, blue is zero line, yellow green double color line represents earthing line.

When wiring, should put in mind, the joint of the wires and smooth and no tartar, before thread broken, we need to use wire to opening pressure once again so that we can guarantee that the thread tapping disconnect In the connection of two insulated wire, wire head to the net, the insulation of the skin and then wipe off the internal wire core, then add the thrum twisted welding.

If the wire is connected to the safety and switches and other equipment, the wire end should be welded with a special joint, then the direction of screw tightening must be the same as the direction of the ring sleeve so that the screw will not loosen when tightening the nut.

When choosing electric appliance match, the match of its electric appliance must not exceed the match of electric wire, it is to prevent electric wire to happen fire or electric wire aging ahead of schedule so.